When deciding to have a fur baby by your side, it’s is as important as having a human child around. It is cherishing your pet that is your sole responsibility while also ensuring the survival, safety, and quality of life you can provide. Hence, adhering to the basic rules of taking good care of your dogs, such as paying attention to their needs, is a grave necessity.

For starters, you may want to focus on your pet’s diet and nutrition. It is essential to guarantee they get enough nutrients to avoid health issues, including obesity and malnourishment. As you know, dog foods would be the most preferable by veterinarians. However, you may be curious if human foods are safe for your dogs to intake, and to answer the question, yes, they can.

Among these foods that do not compromise their health are fruits and vegetables, including carrots, apples, watermelon, blueberries, green beans, cucumbers, and bananas—also protein-rich like fish, pork, and chicken meat. But, there are ones that could have unfavourable effects when they eat it. Your dog must not intake avocados, cherries, chocolates, caffeine, citrus fruits, nuts, onions, garlic, and chives. And never dare to give them raw and uncooked meat.

However, despite having an adequate amount of vitamins and essential nourishments, as a dog owner, you should know that it’s not sufficient without accompanying it with behavioural training and letting them be used to outdoor exercises. The moment your puppy enters the 8th-week growth age, consider starting the learning processes. You can begin with the easy-to-follow commands, such as sitting, walking, waiting, coming over, and going to a specific location.

After so, when you think your pet learned enough, move with more complex exercises that will also test their mental abilities. For example, you can teach them how to do math with simple addition and counting. Or introduce them to obstacle courses and games such as fetching. You can let them familiarize the surroundings, especially when to know when there is a danger around. Teaching them to be alert at all times gives them ample time to reach for their safety.

Giving them the enjoyment and entertainment in life is a must, but nothing is more important than letting them feel how much you love them. Create a bond with your dogs, communicate and build a rapport with them. As they say, your dog is your best friend. They will know how you feel, and they try their best to comfort you in the little ways they can. Believe it or not, maintaining emotional compatibility with pets result in more affection and attachment.

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