We love our customers

“As a new Vet Surgery in Mosman, The Barracks Vet Surgery is always on the lookout for ways to bring our customers excellence and to help with preventative care for their pets. So we are pretty chuffed to have added Treats a la Bark to our product range! Not only are they hand made in Australia with organic ingredients, they contain none of the typical ingredients that cause dog allergies.”

“My dog has a hypersensitive GI system and suffers inflammatory bowel disease. She cannot eat most meats or gluten, her diet being restricted to human grade kangaroo and prescription kibble. I love that these meatless treats are safe for her to eat. They even bulk up her stools and some of the ingredients might even help the inflammation. Best of all she loves eating them and finally I have treats she can eat and be excited about. Our vet is thrilled that Callie can safely eat them, as is her specialist.”

“They’re fresh, they’re organic, they smell yummy, they’re reasonably priced and most of all, my dogs give them the munch of approval.”

“We love Treats a la Bark because they are organic and they smell delish ~ like human food not normal pet treats!”

“Treats a la Bark are great because they are organic and healthy compared to so much junk on offer (in terms of treats for dogs) and come in a variety of flavours.”

“My dog inhaled them – Having knowledge that the ingredients are organic and wholesome for my baby is the best.”

“They smell good enough to eat myself!”

“We love the fact that Treats a la Bark are Australian made and natural. No nasty chemicals that may harm my fur baby!”

“I’m not the sort of person who recommends things to my friends very often so for me to recommend something is rare, and I would recommend Treats a la Bark. Also, my dog doesn’t always take to sweet treats but he was begging for the bone biscuit as soon as I took it out of the box.”