Dog grooming tips – Nail clipping

Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy and is required regularly.  Dog groomer, Emma Parker discusses the various grooming tips for your pup with a focus this week on nail clipping.

Its very common for dogs to hate having their nails clipped. Training them to be comfortable to have their nails clipped from a young age is very important. A good tip which can help is to play with your pup’s feet all the time so they get used to people touching their paws.

Nail clipping should be done weekly to monthly, depending on how active your dog is. Regular walking on concrete or hard surfaces will help keep nails shorter than dogs who play on grass or dog who are kept indoors .

A dogs nail is made up of a hard outer shell and a soft cuticle in the middle which is the blood source for the nail, this is known as the quick. Check your dog’s nails weekly to see if they need clipping. If they are left unclipped the quick will grow with the nail, making their nails longer and much more uncomfortable for the dog.

There are two types of nail clippers: scissor type and guillotine type.  Both types are suitable for nail clipping and it comes down to personal preference on what ones to use.

Dog Nail Clipping Tips:

  • dog grooming tips - nail clippingIt is very important to not cut the quick.  Dogs with lighter coloured nails are easier, as you can see the quick. NEVER cut the pink part.
  • With darker nails it is harder to see the quick so it is safest to take a small portion of the nail off at a time. Apply a small amount of pressure slowly and your dog will let you know if it is too short.
  • Always take your time, and stay calm. If you’re not sure then just take a little less off. If you accidentally clip off too much, apply pressure until the bleeding stops. Baby powder can also help stop the bleeding.

Nail clipping can be very difficult and if you are struggling to clip your dog’s nails it is always best to get them done professionally!
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