The 13 Project Update

The-13-Project-Pretty-Fluffy-Treats a la Bark

Have you joined The 13 Project yet? Pretty Fluffy’s original post on the 13 Project explains a way to get everyone on board to help animals in need. Every little bit counts and it’s never too late to join.

Here are the goals we had originally planned. Our progress is below:

1. Donate as many important products as we can that are listed on the wish list to Doggie Rescue.- DONE. We donated bowls, old doggie clothes, collars, leads and a large dog cushion. Here is Flynn from Doggie Rescue below with our donations.

Doggie Rescue Donations from Treats a la Bark


2. Share shelter dog profiles and photos onto Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms to showcase dogs in need of a forever home. – DONE. We do this ongoingly :)

3. Print out the Oscar’s Law leaflet and do a letter box drop in and around the local area.

4. Organise a weekend to go walk and cuddle with some shelter dogs in need of some love and affection – DONE. Here is Naomi with Flynn from Doggie Rescue. We took him for a nice walk and cuddled with him. He was a wonderful doggie to walk! He enjoyed sniffing around and being out and about.

Treats a la Bark Doggie Rescue walk and cuddle adopt foster shelter dog






















5. Buy merchandise for the RSPCA Happy Tails Day to help raise much needed funds for the RSPCA and share with our followers. – DONE

6. Add to the map of support for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPCA)Animals Matter to Me Campaign and share with our followers. – DONE

7. Adopt a Cat softie off the Animal Welfare League of QLD shop to help raise money forCraft for Cats cat and kitty rehoming program.

8. Purchase Christmas Cards from the Animal Welfare League of NSW shop – DONE

9. Volunteer to photograph shelter dogs in need of a forever home.

10. Hold a day for friends and family to bring all unwanted dog accessories and cleaning products to donate to a local animal shelter. – DONE. All of our donations to Doggie Rescue were from us, friends and family. It was great to have everyone chip in!

11. Send some Treats a la Bark treats to a local dog shelter

12. Educate friends considering getting a dog to adopt or foster, not to buy from pet shops and the importance of desexing. – DONE. This is an ongoing thing that we continue to do.

13. Share the 13 Project on Pinterest and other social media platforms to get other people on board! – DONE.

We still have a few goals to finish off and we’re working on them! Have you joined yet?

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